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Building Resilience for Dealing with Traumatic Experiences: Developing and strengthening Meta-Positives

Daniel Benor, MD, ABIHMWHEE is incredibly effective in clearing trauma. As with other Energy Psychology (EP) methods, the steps of focusing the mind on our troublesome feelings and thoughts, followed by a strongly positive affirmation leads to rapid decreases in the intensity of trauma residues. In ...


Personal Use Of WHEE

Dear Dan,    I am continually amazed with the results of the WHEE session you did with me in Phoenix. Every time I revisit the event of losing my beautiful home - I see it as a beautiful memory forever filed in my consciousness as an achievement, to have known, felt and experienced.&n...


Eileen Fauster

I have been in full-time private practice since 2007. I am a multi-faceted holistic health practitioner whose passion is to empower people to consciously and holistically improve their health and quality of life. My greatest reward comes from my clients’ success in attaining their health goals and sharing with them my enthusiasm for healthy living. Trained in iridology, allergy recognition and elimination, cancer coaching, and nutrition, I added WHEE to my practice in 2008 after intense WHEE Level One training with Dr. Dan Benor.


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Studies and Progress Notes (July 2009)


Distant healing reduces chronic pains           
Context -
Many individuals suffer from various kinds of chronic pain. Some controlled studies on distant healing for chronic pain exist, but no definitive conclusion has been established.     
Objective - To study the effects of distant healing performed by a professional Japanese healer on chronic pain.
Design - A double-blind randomized controlled study.     
Setting - Holos University, Fair Grove, Missouri.     
Subjects - People suffering from chronic pain (not caused by clear organic disease or that persists long after a reasonable period of healing following injuries or surgery) were recruited through local radio and newspaper advertising. Subjects were randomly assigned to a treatment group or control group using a double-blind procedure.
Interventions-All subjects met the healer at the initial session at Holos University. At the session, a 20-minute group mediation was performed. The healer went back to Japan after the session and started distant healing only to the treatment group for a 2-month period. All participants were asked to meditate for 20 minutes every day during this 2-month period.           
Outcomes measure - The visual analog scale and McGill Pain Questionnaire.
Results - A total of 17 subjects were recruited, and 16 subjects completed the study. Comparison of pretreatment and post-treatment visual analog scale indicated a slightly significant effect of distant healing (P=.05). The Present Pain Intensity Scale showed significant improvement in the treatment group compared to the control group (P=.0016). The Pain Rating Index showed improvement in the treatment group, but the difference between both groups was not statistically significant (P=.12).

Source: Tsubono, Kenjiro; Thomlinson, Paul. Shealy, C. Norman.
The Effects of Distant Healing Performed by a Spiritual Healer on Chronic Pain: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Alternative Therapies 2009, 15(3), 30-34.

IJHC – WHR Observations
It is most helpful to have a clinical study of pain extending over several months, showing significant pain relief with distant healing.


The IJHC/WHR E-Zine features monthly suggestions for future research in healing.
If your topic is chosen, you ill receive free access to the IJHC for a month, including the current issue and all back issues.

Spiritual healing for pain     

Pain is a burden not only to those who suffer it, but also to other around them. A person who is laid up with serious backaches, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, premenstrual and other pains often requires assistance from family members. Absenteeism in the workplace due to pain costs billions

In the US, "Costs associated with back pain are estimated to range between $50 billion and $100 billion each year. Medical care accounts for about one-third of costs, while the remainder includes lost wages, disability payments, and retraining costs. Only five percent of people with back pain become permanently or temporarily disabled, but these people account for 75 percent of back pain costs."

Source: Frymoyer JW and Cats-Baril WL. (1991). "An overview of the incidences and costs of low back pain." Orthopedic Clinics of
North America, 22: 263-272.

Researchers of treatments for pain would do well to examine cost savings as well as other benefits of tretments.



Feeling close to a friend increases progesterone, boosts well-being and reduces anxiety and stress     
"Why does dishing with a girlfriend do wonders for a woman's mood? A University of Michigan study has identified a likely reason: feeling emotionally close to a friend increases levels of the hormone progesterone, helping to boost well-being and reduce anxiety and stress.

ScienceDaily (June 3, 2009) — Why does dishing with a girlfriend do wonders for a woman's mood?

A University of Michigan study has identified a likely reason: feeling emotionally close to a friend increases levels of the hormone progesterone, helping to boost well-being and reduce anxiety and stress.
'This study establishes progesterone as a likely part of the neuroendocrine basis of social bonding in humans,' said U-M researcher Stephanie Brown, lead author of an article reporting the study findings, published in the current (June 2009) issue of the peer-reviewed journal Hormones and Behavior.
A sex hormone that fluctuates with the menstrual cycle, progesterone is also present in low levels in post-menopausal women and in men. Earlier research has shown that higher levels of progesterone increase the desire to bond with others, but the current study is the first to show that bonding with others increases levels of progesterone. The study also links these increases to a greater willingness to help other people, even at our own expense.
Science Daily
Brown, Stephanie L et al. Social closeness increases salivary progesterone in humans, Hormones and Behavior  01/05/200905/2009

IJHC – WHR Observations

The body-mind and mind-body connections work in both directions. The prevalent Western medical view is that the body--> mind are the primary mechanisms, but wholistic healing practitioners are often witnesses to the influences in the opposite. The mind, emotions, relationships and spirit all impact the functions of the body and can be accessed and facilitated in healing the body. The IJHC is collecting reports of remarkable recoveries that demonstrate mind (and other wholistic aspects of a person) --> body direction of action.

Diabetes Is Not A Disease Of Blood Sugar     
By Ron Rosedale, MD     
"… treatments which concentrate merely on lowering blood sugar for diabetes while raising insulin levels can actually worsen rather than remedy the actual problem of metabolic miscommunication. It just trades one evil for another.

Elevated insulin levels are highly associated and even causative of:
    * heart disease,
    * peripheral vascular disease,
    * stroke,
    * high blood pressure,
    * cancer,
    * obesity and
    * many other so-called diseases.

Since most treatments for (type 2, insulin resistant) diabetes utilize drugs which raise insulin or actual insulin injections itself, the tragic result is that the typical, conventional medical treatment for diabetes contributes to the manifest side effects and the shortened lifespan that diabetics experience…

It may surprise you, as well as your doctor, that insulin's main role is not to control blood sugar. …

…When blood sugar becomes elevated it is a signal for insulin to be released to direct the extra energy into storage…

By some estimates, diabetes has increased over 700% in the last 50 years. This reveals two very important facts.
Diabetes cannot be primarily a genetic disease, since the prior statistic has taken place within the same generation and presumably essentially the same genetics.

Something that we have been doing is obviously wrong and needs to be changed.

That something is diet…

Science is telling us that we must eat a diet that maximizes the accuracy of insulin and leptin signaling allowing cells, you, to better listen to their life-giving messages. (The need for those hormones to have to "yell" to be heard is reduced and the levels of insulin and leptin are therefore lowered.)

That would be the eating plan emphasizing good fats and reduced nonfiber carbohydrates/starches as outlined in my book "The Rosedale Diet" and Dr. Mercola's "Total Health Program". Doing so will greatly improve and even reverse type 2 "insulin resistant" diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, many other chronic diseases of aging, and even aging itself, as many of my patients who have been able to totally eliminate the use of their drugs, including insulin, can attest. Following those guidelines will let you -- and your genes -- "be the best that you can be."

Source: (download your .pdf copy of the full article)

IJHC – WHR Observations
This is a fascinating and disturbing article, suggesting that attacking the physiological symptom of elevated blood sugar with insulin is not a healthy thing to do in the long run.


Vitamin E and lung cancer     
"... those who consumed the highest amount of dietary vitamin E per day (more than 7.73 mg) had a 53% reduction in lung cancer risk compared to those who consumed the lowest amount (4.13 mg). Alpha-tocopherol was the only form of vitamin E to show this result."

"The traditional value of the antioxidant vitamin E is to protect cells against free radicals, repair DNA, form red blood cells and reduce physical aging. Almonds, hazelnuts, avocados, olives, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, whole grains and leafy greens like spinach and kale are rich in vitamin E. Interestingly, vitamin E has the reputation as lacking in many people’s diets.

Most multivitamins contain vitamin E. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamin E is 23 IU (equivalent to 15 mg) for adults, which is only the minimum amount that avoids a deficiency. A maintenance value is a healthier amount promoted by experts, and for vitamin E that is 400 IU…

Lung cancer is the most common and deadliest type of cancer with 215,000 individuals diagnosed in the United States each year and 160,000 reported deaths. Smoking causes eighty percent of lung cancer. The second leading cause of lung cancer is radon exposure. Those who do not smoke but are exposed to second-hand smoke increase their risk of developing lung cancer by up to 30%. African Americans have the highest diagnosis rate and highest death rate..."


Mahabir, Somdat et al. Dietary alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols in lung cancer risk, International Journal of Cancer. 2008;123:1173-80.

IJHC – WHR Observations
One wonders whether the attempts of the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine to outlaw sale of vitamins and supplements in health food stores is so that they can sell these on prescription. Another possibility is so that they can suppress their availability as inexpensive preventives of cancers like lung cancers – and thereby increase sales of expensive anti-cancer drugs and other treatments.

2009 Annual Evidence Update on Acupuncture     
Published by The Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) Specialist Library

The Library has carried out a comprehensive search of a number of databases and used strict selection criteria for the identified studies, in order to base the annual update on the best current evidence available. This update provides a summary of systematic reviews, large-scale RCTs and other relevant studies published in the twelve months since the 2008 AEU on Acupuncture.

The update can be found at:
 or by following the links from the Library's website:

IJHC – WHR Observations
Considering the slowness of the medical profession to absorb the lessons of acupuncture, it is truly helpful to have a major collection of clinical and research references on acupuncture.

Accredited CAM courses in the UK     
The Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health have published a list of the higher education courses accredited by professional bodies of the various complementary therapies in the UK.

More CAM reviews at
AMSA website


Energy-harvesting photocell trees     
SolarBotanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wind energy.

Here at SolarBotanic, we’ve amassed a wealth of information relating to SolarBotanic Trees and Nanoleaves and the field of photovoltaic thermovoltaic and piezovoltaic technology. You will be amazed how efficient our Trees are, how they make use of light, heat and wind and turn it into useable electricity for your home or car.


IJHC – WHR Observations
This is a lovely design concept that is visually user friendly, as well as being efficient and environmentally friendly.

Cold Fusion: a safe nuclear source for energy?     

Initially considered impossible, there are now numbers of laboratories around the world exploring how to create fusion energy sources that do not lead to runaway energy releases as in nuclear explosions.

Source: 60 Minutes

IJHC – WHR Observations
It is a hopeful sign to see research proceeding in these directions. Traditionally, innovative energy inventions have been suppressed by the current energy industry.


Suggestions for environmental activism     
Focus on ‘350’ the level of carbon in the atmosphere beyond which we may not be able to survive.

We are currently at 387 ! ! !

Reel Community Action recognizes the power of local community action, and gives lead organizers the tools to drive specific campaigns to address environmental issues. We identify proven sustainability models to help drive measurable and dramatic change, as well as produce documentary films to support these efforts.

Reel Community Action works with environmental organizations, community groups, conferences, and forums to create and organize powerful, themed film events that may include workshops, discussion panels, and educational curriculum and programming.

Our mission is to help community leaders educate and inspire audiences so they become active participants in local sustainability campaigns and programs—such as community gardening projects, restoration efforts, pesticide action campaigns, green energy cooperatives, and green investment circles.

See excellent brief videos for information and inspiration at
  Bill McKibbens lecture in Australia is excellent and worth the long viewing time

IJHC – WHR Observations
Excellent visuals and practical observations and suggestions for dealing with carbon emissions.

We are living in an insane, suicidal political world     
US Congressional debate, typical of most governmental approaches worldwide, is considering ways of minimizing the financial outlays of industry and to give the appearances of working towards reducing pollution.

"The debate centers on a proposal to create a cap-and-trade program, which, if passed, would set national limits on greenhouse gas emissions and require big polluters to get credits, or permits, for their emissions, which could then be traded between cleaner and dirtier companies.

Among the questions that remain to be answered: how to design a cap-and-trade program that not only works but also protects average Americans from potentially higher energy costs and how to spend the hundreds of billions of dollars the program is expected to raise."

Questions being considered:

1. Should polluters get credits free, or should they have to buy them?

2. What would be done with all the money the government would make?

3.  How aggressive should those emissions targets be?

4. Should other programs be added to the bill as sweeteners?

5. And then there's the economy.

"All of these fights could get eclipsed by overriding fears about the health of the economy. Conservative Republicans continue to cite a study released last summer by the like-minded Heritage Foundation warning that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost if a cap-and-trade system is implemented and that electricity rates would skyrocket. Democrats have begun to fight back, arguing that the Republican critics are overlooking not only provisions that would return money to Americans but also the economic gains that would come from energy efficiency and conservation."


IJHC – WHR Observations
Folks, there is some bad news we have to address, about which our governments are shirking responsibility. We are looking at the potential of total planetary death from global warming…heating by human suicide and genocide of all other species on our planet. The US government and other governments around the world, under pressures from industrial lobbyists, are doing as little as possible about this because they don't want to raise the costs of these industries that are producing the pollution.

If we do not pressure our congresspeople to seriously limit carbon emissions, we are as guilty as they are of ignoring these dangers.

Here are the websites to find your local congresspersons

If we can find money to donate to irresponsible financial corporations and to send soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, we can just as easily find money to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, if we stopped doing the former, we would have a lot more money for constructive investments immediately.

Wind farms on US cattle ranches      
Texas cattle ranchers may seem to be unlikely evangelists for the American green revolution. However, the renewable resource of strong winds is now being harnessed, converting their properties into wind farms. This comes at a timely juncture when the ground water that has sustained the ranches is being exhausted.


IJHC – WHR Observations
What an excellent lesson in reducing carbon emissions and increasing development of green energy!


Negawatt power for protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions     
"It seems like today, everyone wants to produce their own watts 
through solar panels and wind turbines. But we need to first produce 
'negawatts.' Negawatt power is a term promoted and introduced by 
Amory Lovins of The Rocky Mountain Institute; essentially, the term 
means that by saving energy, we create a "virtual power plant," 
thus not having to create a new power plant to increase electrical 
supply. The direct reduction in electrical demand through energy 
efficiency is called a Negawatt.

One of our members sent us ten simple, every day ideas that can help reduce your energy consumption, which is good for your pocketbook, and at the same time helps create a smaller carbon footprint:
1. Turn off the light as soon as you leave a room.
2. If you will be away from the house for more than two hours, turn off the air conditioner.
3. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
4. Water your lawn at dusk or after dark, as the heat of the sun will evaporate the water.
5. Use energy saving, fluorescent light bulbs.
6. Hand wash large, bulky dishes to save room in the dishwasher.
7. Use cold water to wash your clothes. Cold-water detergent is now available in all major grocery stores.
8. Don't linger in the shower and use a low flow shower head.
9. Keep the thermostat at a reasonable level. Using ceiling fans can help the comfort level.
10. Don't use an automated sprinkler system. Instead, only water your lawn when it looks thirsty, preferably with a soaker hose.


IJHC – WHR Observations
Not only is this list helpful to the environment directly, but it also helps us to heighten our awareness about caring for the environment.
Readers of this eZine are invited to submit your own suggestions for further negawatt contributions to energy savings.

Prevention of disease is a neglected healing approach     

Julie Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H., former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), estimates that, of the annual medical budget in the United States (i.e., $2.4 trillion in 2008),1 the overwhelming majority goes toward treatment of ill patients, and less than 5% goes toward keeping Americans healthy.2

Sources: Keehan S, Sisko A, Truffer C, et al. Health spending projections through 2017: The baby-boom generation is coming
to Medicare. Health Affairs 2008;27:145–155.

Gerberding JL. CDC Campaign Hopes to Make USA a Healthier Nation. USA Today. Online document at:

IJHC – WHR Observations
This is a major contribution of wholistic healing approaches. Many people come to learn how to use self-treatment methods when they are ill, just as they come to conventional practitioners. However, once people learn wholistic methods of self-treatment they often continue to use them. These are then preventive therapies for further illnesses.

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