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    The International Journal for Healing and Caring
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    Healing the Collective Consciousness with Healing from the Body Level UPTM (HBLU-TM)

    by Judith A. Swack, PhD
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    An Overtangle is a toxic belief system caused by cultural brainwashing that forms a network of negative energy so extensive that it contaminates large organizations and societies for millennia (Swack 2002).  These toxic belief systems are so evil that they are sometimes described as networks of supernatural entities from the dark, i.e. demonic networks, (Baldwin, 1995). In fact, Overtangles cause depression and the feeling that “life is hopeless, so give up, don’t bother.” Ultimately, they cause needless human suffering, waste our talent and potential, and dishonor the purpose of our very creation and existence. Although Overtangles can be described in terms of supernatural phenomena, the author has found that they are not specific to any world religion.  In describing this phenomenon and its treatment, the author is not promoting any specific religious point of view but merely sharing methods that she has found to be most effective after extensive clinical experimentation and testing.

    This paper summarizes the author’s original research on Overtangles, which is the author’s term for these energetic entities in the collective consciousness.  The test population was composed of clients who came for mind-body therapy using Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) methodology between 2001 and 2008 (over 500 clients).  Clients sought help for a variety of life issues in the areas of relationship, career, performance, and psychological problems such as depression, phobias, trauma, and anxiety.  Clients also came for treatment for physical health problems such as cancer, heart disease, allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Clients were male or female and ranged in age from less than 1 year of age to their late 70s. Most clients were treated in the author’s office or by phone.  Most clients were citizens of the United States. A few clients were from Europe, Pakistan, Africa, South America, Thailand, and China.

    All clients described in this report were tested, treated, and retested by the author.  All data were collected in the form of case notes and muscle-tested answers to questions addressed to the client’s deepest wisdom and questions addressed directly to the Overtangles themselves.  In this way, the author was able to ascertain the messages from the Overtangle, find all the pieces of these patterns, and develop an original protocol to completely remove Overtangle programming from and effect a complete healing at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels of the individual. The author tracked treatment results for each client in subsequent treatment sessions or by follow-up phone calls.  Data was collected for one month to several years after treatment. The author was thus able to confirm that the protocol frees the individual client from the Overtangle, thus shrinking its influence by one person. Although this protocol does not directly address treatment to the Overtangle itself, it does attempt to eliminate the entire Overtangle from the collective consciousness by asking all humanity to divest itself of the Overtangle material as we treat the individual client.  Interestingly, we often see behavioral changes in the client’s relatives after clearing the client of an Overtangle.  This can even include phone calls from relatives, estranged for years, who suddenly decide to call and reconcile with the client. 

    In some cases, the author has been able to directly muscle test relatives who were not physically present during the client’s treatment.  It is common to find that those relatives:

    • had had that particular Overtangle,
    • they do not presently have it,
    • it cleared on a previous date, (unbeknownst to them, the date we treated the client)
    • it cleared when we treated the client. (This question confirms that they cleared specifically because we treated the client, and not because of some random coincidence on that date.)

    Examples of Overtangles

    I encountered my first overtangle while working on the goal of getting the Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) methodology out into the world.  In HBLU the client accesses his/her deepest wisdom (soul) to lead the healing, using the applied kinesiology technique of muscle testing.  In the HBLU Standard Balance Protocol the facilitator muscle tests the client and asks a series of questions in which we:

    1. Elicit the priority goal
    2. Test for permission to balance the client for the goal
    3. Find the priority pattern(s) (selected from an HBLU menu) that is interfering on the goal
    4. Clear the pattern(s) using an effective technique (selected from an HBLU menu)
    5. Test that the pattern is cleared.
    6. Write what the client and sometimes the facilitator learned (learnings) from the healing by a process of automatic/stream of consciousness writing.

    When I found that I did not have permission to balance for the goal of spreading HBLU methodology in the world, my colleague, Helen Tuggy, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, suggested that I had a “superordinate pattern” (that felt like a conspiracy) running through the Western Medical Establishment interfering with getting permission.  This pattern reminded me of a Thalassa’s tangle, an octopus-like demonic entity that infects individuals and can wrap other people into its tentacles (Scholl, personal communication).  One of the diagnostic characteristics of a tangle in a group of people is that they get very angry and fight about absolutely nothing.  Notice how the western scientific/medical establishment has always been actively hostile towards any new findings even from within its own ranks let alone from outside (alternative) sources. I named this pattern an Overtangle

    Not knowing how to clear this Overtangle that blocked my progress with spreading HBLU, I asked my angel who said he’d take care of it.   Helen and I performed the Thalassa’s Tangle prayer intervention for good measure.  A lessening in my level of fear and confirmation by muscle testing showed that the Overtangle had cleared.  Two days later, our colleague Norma Feldman, MSW, informed me of a book describing a type of entity new to HBLU (Baldwin, 2001).  The entity, called a demonic network, could be removed by summoning a team of angels to wrap it up in a net and dissolve it in light, a process remarkably similar to the Thalassa’s Tangle intervention.   Since that time I have found, mapped, and developed specific protocols for clearing Overtangles from individuals, and through individuals, from the collective unconscious. 

    As a biomedical scientist, I have no way of distinguishing what actually causes the Overtangle phenomenon.  One model (Baldwin, 2001) describes this phenomenon as a demonic network, organized into several branches like the military, with Satan as the commander in chief.  The organization attempts to recruit and brainwash all people into working for the demonic network by making them feel disconnected from God, alone, and unworthy of love.  It then tells them that the demonic organization is the only group that wants them. The ultimate mission of this organization is for Satan to win a war against God and take over the universe.  One can also think of this as a multinational corporation with subsidiaries that make different products but share a corporate vision. 

    My experience, and that of others who have worked with Satan-related patterns or entities, is that what is commonly identified as Satan is an energetic being or consciousness that promotes and coordinates darkness in the world.  Satan patterns ultimately cause stagnation in people’s lives, careers, relationships, etc. which leads to misery, hopelessness, despair, and death.  Some people define this as the “path of dark(ness)” and then anthropomorphically represent it as various names and forms of Satan. In contrast, God consciousness is an energy that promotes growth/evolution/creation.  Some people define this as the “path of light” and then anthropomorphically represent is as various names and forms of God

    A second model to explain the Overtangle phenomenon is that of a negative thought form in the collective unconscious.  It is caused by a critical mass of people who share the same ideas and are behaviorally and energetically participating in a collectively generated belief system. Even though this thought form is objectively untrue, negative, and psychologically/ spiritually/ and often physically damaging, it takes on a life of its own. It seeks to grow and is self-perpetuating (see examples below). It will also resist attempts to clear it.

    As a biochemist/immunologist, my preferred model for understanding the Overtangle phenomenon in an individual is that of a host and parasite.  Overtangles are energetic infectious agents that enter a person’s psyche through a specific route of infection.  I look at:

    • what makes the client susceptible to this infection (usually trauma or negative family system, cultural, and religious influences)
    • where it travels to in the body and what it feeds on (i.e. psychological damage patterns such as negative emotions, traumas from this life, past lives, and ancestry as well as wounds of personality as defined by the Enneagram system of personality)
    • in the world of physical reality, how and where it causes people to sabotage themselves.

    Regardless of how literally we interpret the nature of this phenomenon, my clients’ and my own direct experiences have revealed that, from a functional perspective, Overtangles attempt to stop people from doing their soul missions and living a full life.  M. Scott Peck, in his book “People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil” describes evil as deceitful and confusing (Peck, 1983).  Indeed, Overtangles hide in plain sight by broadcasting a harmful and illogical message that saturates the culture and environment. Overtangles are characterized by clichés.  I have found several different varieties of Overtangles that broadcast different specific messages, each causing the feeling that “life is hopeless, so give up, don’t bother.” Because it seems as though that’s just the way things are, people don’t even bother to rationally evaluate and question the message.

    From a practical perspective, repeated observation revealed the following requirements for successfully clearing Overtangles from individuals. The client must:

    1. consciously recognize that the Overtangle message is irrational and damaging;
    2. be willing to perform the procedures, but does not need to consciously believe in supernatural phenomena or any representation of God;
    3. invoke Divine help in the form of a spiritual/prayer intervention to divest of and dissolve the Overtangle brainwashing and heal what it feeds on.  (Based on direct and repeated experience, hypnotic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology techniques of meridian tapping or chakra clearing do not work).

    Not everyone is infected with every Overtangle.  Testing of clients (admittedly a self-selected cohort, mostly from the USA) revealed that specific Overtangles may infect 20-75% of the population. It is rare to find a client who does not have a single Overtangle.  However, even if one is not infected with a specific Overtangle at the individual level, all are affected by it at the collective level.

    A prime example is the Gender Overtangle whose basic message is: “Women are inferior to men.” Although this was never true, many religions, governments, institutions, and cultures have acted as if it were true.  For millennia, this Overtangle has prevented both men and women from fully developing their human and soul potential by restricting them to rigid gender roles.  This pattern interferes with women being highly successful in marriage and family as well as in career/ work.  It puts pressure on men to be in charge of everything, denies them their humanity, and cuts them off from receiving emotional and social support.  Ultimately, it results in the waste of talent and potential, not just to the individual, but to society as a whole.

    Another tragic example is the Neglect Overtangle, whose message is “Neglect is a way of life and it’s all about neediness.”  This pattern is characterized by the cliché, “children are to be seen and not heard.”  Families and societies infected with this pattern neglect children’s feelings and needs because they do not consider children to be people.  These children conclude that what they want and need does not exist in the universe and fear that, "I cannot get what I need to survive."   It doesn’t take long for these children to decide that neglect is just a way of life, and they feel a chronic, unconscious neediness.  They internalize the family pattern of neglect by neglecting themselves and later also neglecting their children.  Sadly, during childhood and later on in life, this pattern prevents people from being able to receive love, nurturing, help, and support that are available from many sources. I often see this pattern in people with weight issues because it is practically impossible to lose weight and maintain it if you’re programmed to neglect yourself.

    The worst and most dangerous overtangle I have found is the War Overtangle, which was co-discovered with my colleague Lisa Bowker, MSW student. The War Overtangle sends a message that something = war.  The typical somethings are life, relationship, sex, marriage, family, money, health, career, business, sports, race, religion, and/or nationality equal war.  A person may run more than one version of this Overtangle, but thankfully all the versions can be cleared together.  Typical statements from people running relationship = war include: “The war between the sexes;” “Nice guys finish last;” “I don’t want to get married. I want my freedom;” and “All’s fair in love and war.”   None of those statements makes sense in reality.  Since when is war fair?  Love and war are such unrelated concepts, why would you even put them in the same paragraph let alone the same sentence?  When someone meets someone with whom he’d like to have a relationship, does he say, "Oh boy, I’d like to make war with her!" or "There’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life making war with!”

    One of my clients works for a company where business = war is the corporate culture.  The CEO walked around saying, “Market share is 100%.”   Since when are share and 100% compatible?  The next week the CEO walked around saying, “Market share is 120%.”  Clearly the CEO was saying it’s all out war. Everybody in the company felt tremendous stress. 

    The behavioral symptoms of a war overtangle show up as a story with two characters, the Conqueror and the Vanquished Slave.  In a war overtangle, a person cannot get what he needs without going to war and forcing the other person to surrender and give him what he needs.  The person with needs asks him (or herself) if it is worth expending all that energy to get what he needs.  If it is worth it, he gathers up his energy to go to war and get it.  If he decides it isn’t worth it, he goes into emotional deception and tells himself, “Oh, I don’t really care that much about it;" "I can do without it;" "I’ll do something else;" "It’s not a big deal;" "It’s only a want and not really a need;" etc. In this relationship pattern, any request is considered an attack, no matter how you ask or what you ask for.  The person you ask something of responds to this attack in one of three ways: 1. Counterattack; 2. Shielding; or 3. Surrender, giving the Conqueror what he needs – but doing this begrudgingly so that it comes poisoned and unsatisfying. 

    Sadly, in this pattern, he can’t get what he needs without going to war, and he can’t give somebody something without being a loser. In war, one never sees equal partnership where two people put their heads together to come up with a win/win solution that makes both of them happy. 

    In war, people are afraid to make commitments for fear of being entrapped and enslaved.  In real life, people who are under the influence of a War Overtangle often remain consultants rather than taking a full-time job, or live together rather than getting married.  Many people with War Overtangles do make commitments, however.  In order to prevent permanent enslavement, they secretly violate the most sacred rule of the system.  When they begin to feel too trapped, they accidently on purpose let slip what they’ve been doing, knowing that they will get kicked out of the system.  

    For example, in a Relationship = War Overtangle, monogamy is commonly the sacred rule that gets broken.  That is probably why people rarely marry the person they’ve been cheating with.  They were only using that person as their out. 

    People catch War Overtangles in early childhood by internalizing parental behavior.  The Overtangles actually use our natural mechanisms of introjecting parental messages to infect a child.  When a parent sends a mockery message to the child that makes him/her feel insignificant and worthless, the Overtangle attaches to and rides in on that message.  Individuals, who did not catch this pattern in childhood, rarely catch it later on in life when they go out into the world, even though it is all around them in the culture.  Thus, Overtangles are not that contagious.  Interestingly, I hardly ever see couples in which only one partner has Relationship (or something closely related) = War.  Either they both have it, or neither of them have it.  I think this is because someone who doesn’t have it, gets very turned off by the strange behavior of someone who does. 

    In larger systems such as businesses, however, people who don’t have Business = War suffer at the hands of those people who do act out Business = War.  It is currently a standing question about how can someone who isn’t running war protect himself from someone who is?  In war there are often civilian casualties. My initial suggestion is that the ones who don’t run it ask their angels and guides (see Angel and Guide Prayer below) to keep War Overtangle energy away from their interactions with people who are contaminated with it. 

    Releasing Overtangles

    Overtangles do not want to be detected or released.   They will do whatever they can to stop people from finding and clearing them because once found, they are easy to clear using a prayer intervention.  The War Overtangle is the most dangerous Overtangle because as soon as it’s discovered, it gets frightened and starts acting up (i.e., thrashing).  People may then suddenly find themselves fighting with everybody around them or attacking people who are trying to help them.  The Overtangle attempts to stop people from coming to HBLU therapy sessions to clear it by:

    • Generating hostile skepticism towards or disappointment with HBLU therapy (after only 1-2 sessions), so the client is ready to quit.
    • Causing paranoia about the HBLU practitioner and the fear that s/he is out to harm or cheat the client.
    • Causing money problems: suddenly, mysteriously clients don’t have the money to continue.  They may have the sudden urge to spend money on other practitioners (usually several at once) and can’t afford their HBLU sessions.

    Extensive experimentation revealed that saying the following Angel and Guide prayer ten times daily can stop the War Overtangle from thrashing and will dissolve it (and other Overtangles) over time.

    Angel and Guide Prayer

    I ask my angels and guides to please gather up all Overtangles, and everything they feed on and everything they attach to, in a net of holy light and haul them off to the light and fill me in with healthy tissue all the way to my skin and the boundaries of my energy field.  And I ask my angels and guides to please escort me safely, protect and support me throughout the rest of this lifetime and all subsequent lifetimes so that I never again catch another overtangle.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It is done, it is done, it is done.

    Use of the Angel and Guide prayer prior to interacting with others who may be contaminated with the War Overtangle and entering the conversation with a “win-win” attitude often results in a surprisingly productive negotiation.

    How do Overtangles sabotage people?

    Overtangles use seven typical strategies to stop people.

    Strategy 1. Harmful Message.  It sends a harmful and illogical message or set of messages that one believes and doesn’t even think about because the message saturates the culture and environment.  (See Gender, Neglect, and War Overtangle examples above.)

    Strategy 2. Hiding Strategies.   It induces hiding strategies to prevent one from really getting out there in the world and to prevent one from finding and clearing the Overtangle.  It also hides behind hiding strategies that one has generated from other causes.   Overtangles rely strongly on hiding strategies to avoid detection because they are easy to clear (by using a prayer intervention) once they are found.  Typical strategies for hiding from the truth and hiding from one’s life include:

    1. Secrecy Contracts (in which families, societies, and religions conspire to hide the truth, because “what would the neighbor’s think.”)
    2. Disconnecting from psychic abilities or emotional or gut intuition so that people won’t sense the presence of the Overtangle
    3. Going blank, acting confused, forgetting how bad it was, etc.
    4. Individualized hiding strategies, such as denial, procrastination, blaming, etc.

    I have seen people rid themselves of part or all of an Overtangle (once they have recognized it) by rational thinking and a reaction of “Get off of me!” or “That’s bullshit!”

    Strategy 3. Harm Yourself and Other People Strategies.  Overtangles cause people to generate strategies for harming themselves and others.  This can even include denial that there any consequences to harming oneself.  Examples include:  Ignoring one’s own needs, repressing pain, being hypercritical, setting unattainable goals, letting someone else make important life decisions for you, etc.

    Strategy 4. Story with Characters.  The Overtangle creates an evil but convincing story/script whose theme is that it is hopeless to even try to pursue one's soul mission, so give up, don’t bother.  Each Overtangle has its own specific set of standard characters, possibly including aberrant definitions of God, a Greek chorus, a narrator, and audience participation. Clients play out the stories and the roles of all the characters with other people in their lives (who they also perceive to be these characters). What makes these stories feel so real is that the Overtangle binds to a grain of truth about people's lives, then twists, distorts and magnifies the problems to mythic proportions.  In addition, Satan’s work force is oriented to disconnecting people from God so that they can seduce people more easily into converting to the dark side.  One clever way to do that is to tell people that there is something wrong/frightening about God.

    Strategy 5. The Pouch.  Overtangles seal people in a pouch like a ziploc bag that is closer to their body than their normal three-foot personal boundaries.  This way it claims to be one’s identity and reality. The pouch may be shrink-wrapped to the skin (one client called it vacuum-packed) or located several inches from the body.  The overtangle may also coat all the mucous membranes that line the body’s interface to the world including the eyes, eustachian tubes of the ears, sinuses, trachea and lungs, the whole gut lining from mouth to anus, vagina and uterus, urethra and bladder. We find the pouch material in the client by muscle testing the question, “Is there any pouch material or mucous membrane contamination from the pouch material remaining from this Overtangle.”  If yes, the client peels it off into the bell jar (this intervention is detailed, below), using guided imagery and muscle tests again to confirm it is clear. 

    Strategy 6. Mockery Messages.  Overtangles send people insulting, degrading messages meant to make them feel worthless and insignificant.  These mockery messages are triggered just when they are on the verge of taking important positive action towards their soul mission.  An important diagnostic symptom of a mockery message is that one moment they feel energized and motivated to take action.  Then they hear the voice of the mockery message, and all the energy drains out of their body from their throat out their anus. This feeling causes them to sink back in their chair and feel unmotivated to move ahead with their plans.  Example:  “You are too old, fat, and ugly to ever be loved,” or “Your soul work is meaningless and ridiculous.”

    Strategy 7. The Contract.  The Overtangle catches a person at the moment of trauma in which he concludes that there is something terribly and hopelessly wrong with himself or with life.  The Overtangle agrees and tells him that the situation is even worse than he thinks.  The Overtangle tells the person that it is the only one in the whole universe that can fix the problem.  The Overtangle will gladly do so in exchange for payment of the person’s best qualities, and loyal service by continuing to generate the Overtangle story and by harming him/herself and others.  As part of the contract, some Overtangles additionally threaten to directly punish the person if he is disobeys the contract.

    Healing Overtangles from Individuals and Society

    Results of these explorations revealed that the most effective and thorough protocol for clearing Overtangles from individuals and from as much of society as we can reach is to use a prayer intervention that invokes a Divine energy source to do the healing. Interestingly, we have found that it is not necessary for the client to believe (consciously) in supernatural entities or even God to do the intervention successfully.  The intervention works every time whether we use God or substitute other descriptions for God such as Divine source of light, universal life force energy, etc.  (I have never tested this using a facilitator who didn’t consciously believe in a Divine energy source.)

    The basic Overtangle Clearing protocol is a detailed twenty-one step process that only HBLU Level IV certified practitioner are qualified to perform. This is because Overtangles feed on complex traumas and personality structures that, in my experience, only HBLU trained therapists can recognize and treat. The essence of the process, described below 1) cleans out the Overtangle infection, 2) clears the client (host) of traumas and wounds of personality it feeds on, and 3) fills the client with “healthy tissue” so that he/she functions in a healthier way in the world and becomes immune to further infection.  The core intervention for dissolving Overtangle material is called the “Bell Jar Intervention.”  This technique instructs the client to:

    1. Seal the room in a sphere of holy/healing light and set up an imaginary bell jar (a 3 foot high heavy glass jar) with a one-way valve on the top and equipped with vacuum suction.

    2. Summon all humanity (past, present, and future) into the sphere of holy light and lead everyone in the following prayer: Oh God, merciful and compassionate one, if it be thy will, please shine upon this toxic belief system and upon and throughout all of us the full spectrum of your Holy Light.

    3. List the different types of symptoms and behaviors associated with that specific Overtangle and physically pull the negative energy out/off of one’s body with one’s hands to deposit it into the bell jar.

    4. Allow time for God’s Holy light to pass through:

    • the glass of the bell jar to completely dissolve all the negativity inside;
    • everyone’s body to help “steam clean” away the negativity; and
    • fill in everyone’s body with healthy tissue.

    5. Collect learnings from the client himself, other individuals, and the group (as detailed earlier in this article) and then send everyone back into their respective lifestreams/destinies to benefit from, share, and build on this healing.

    Results and Discussion

    Careful analyses of clinical results revealed that the HBLU protocol for clearing Overtangles reproducibly and completely clears Overtangles from individuals. People start moving ahead with life and career plans. Success comes more easily to them. Their family members often experience healing. Although there is no way to measure the effect of these group prayers on society, all humanity is included in every intervention.

    Historically, the effective way to replace Overtangles/toxic belief systems with new paradigms has come from enlightened people (Lightworkers) who have banded together to promote a message, new to that society at large, for the evolution and improvement of society.  For example, one could cite the existence of Amazons and other early matriarchal societies in which women were not considered inferior to men.  That idea was not widely known in Europe of the middle ages, the industrial age, or even today in many countries where women are still treated as inferior and have restricted access to education, job and career opportunities.  In some places women are not even allowed to walk outside with their face showing or without a man to escort them.  Through the work of many dedicated people, these belief systems and the customs that came from them are changing over time.

    History shows that the antidote to dark networks is light networks!  When Lightworkers network and offer humanity cultural paradigms from the light, societies eventually choose light paradigms over dark ones despite resistance from proponents of the established paradigms.  Reviewing human history shows that “Democracy” was an innovation in government over previous systems of “Autocracy.”  World cultures are now beginning to believe in and act on the principle of “equality of the sexes” as opposed to the idea that “women are inferior to men.”  Child-rearing practices have been changing to treat children respectfully as people – as opposed to mindless creatures that “are to be seen and not heard.”  

    In the new paradigms, individuals are encouraged to develop their gifts and contribute the best that they have to offer. Although these changes are in progress, they have not yet become standard cultural practices in all areas of the world. I now understand more deeply why it is critically important for all of us to work in light networks and persist over time to establish healthy paradigms supporting happiness, evolution and growth.



    Baldwin, WJ; Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, West Virginia:  Headline Books, Inc. 1995

    Peck, MS; People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil: New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1983

    Scholl, Thalassa. Sufi mystic and spiritual healer, personal communication.

    Swack, JA; Beware the Lightworker Overtangle, Presentation at the Fourth Annual International Energy Psychology Conference, 2002

    Judith A. Swack, PhD is a biochemist/immunologist, master NLP practitioner, and mind/body healer who has developed Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™ ). HBLU™ is a holistic psychotherapy system that simultaneously addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue. HBLUTM integrates biomedical science, psychology, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, spirituality, and energy psychology techniques with original research on the structure of complex damage patterns to create a rapid, reproducible, and revolutionary healing methodology.  Dr. Swack and her associates work with individual clients in person or by phone and train other practitioners in workshops throughout the country.  Dr. Swack is the author of the research study, "Diagnosis Shock: The Unrecognized Burden of Illness" in the peer reviewed medical journal, International Journal of Healing and Caring Online, January 2008, Vol. 8, No. 1.

    Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc.
    56 Pickering St.
    Needham, MA 02492.

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