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    The International Journal for Healing and Caring
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    The Invisible Process of Energy Healing

    by Karin Nemri
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       Without drawing attention to myself, I tried to grab onto the door of the green house as I felt myself slipping away; as if physically holding onto that door would prevent my spirit from going through it.

       Looking back, the symbolism of that day is still incredible to me; the greenhouse as a metaphor for physical life itself and the door to the greenhouse a doorway to heaven.

       It was a confusing experience for me, floating 15 to 20 feet above a lifeless, 15 year-old, 85 pound, anorexic body because I was still able to think, a process I had thought was limited to the physical brain. Although I had an inner knowingness of what was actually happening, I still couldn’t totally comprehend whose body it was that I was looking down upon, whether or not it even was mine or what I could do about it. So I shifted my attention because I was starting to notice an illuminating brightness around me filled with continuous motion and movement. 

       Suddenly I got caught up in that movement and actually became a part of it while being at one with the light. Then a telepathic communication began with Spiritual beings of light. We began discussing the things that I hadn’t done in my short lifetime that I had hoped I would. What an odd thing to discuss – a lost future that was clearly now in the past! At the same time I was experiencing an overwhelming sense of love, joy, safety, and importance – a drastic difference from the earthly feelings of low self-worth and inner turmoil that had led to my anorexia. In awe of the new world, I soaked up these feelings of wonderment as if I were a giant sponge. What a magnificent and glorious place to stay! Meanwhile, the other beings of light chatted amongst themselves. Then a decision was made without any input from me. Catching me by surprise, there was a sudden jolt and I found myself back in my body, realizing all at once the difference between the brain and consciousness and understanding the awesome meaning of eternity.

       I came back from my near-death experience somewhat changed. In addition to having a new perspective on both life and what is known as death, I found that I was still able to communicate with these spiritual entities whom I have come to call my guides. I also became very interested in energy healing because through this experience I understood that the energy system in the spiritual realm, which was later revealed to me as being called Aiijii, is a system of manipulating and blending subtle energies together to help us to create and manifest what we need and want in our lives, including healing.

    Aiijii healing
       Everything in life and the afterlife is made up of energy. Aiijii Healing allows the client to actually see what normally happens invisibly during an energy healing treatment. This is the motion and movement that I became a part of when I was on the other side. Energy healing works because Spirit entities play a part in making it work, by blending Divine energies from the Source with the negative energies in a person’s energy field. The Divine energy dilutes the negative energies to bring about healing which can be emotional, spiritual, physical, or any combination of those three.

       Healing practitioners on the physical plane always work as part of a team with healers in the spiritual realm. The healers in Spirit each have their own individual specialties. Some work exclusively with the energies contained in the chakras, which are energy vortices that give life to our energetic (spiritual) bodies, while some focus on the subtle energies surrounding the chakras. Others specialize in analyzing negative energies to determine how to best transform them into a form that can be used in a positive way. Some of these guides have had physical lives on the earth plane, others have not. In all energy healing methods, whether it be Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, laying-on of hands, or others, invisible Spirit entities are working above the practitioner, blending subtle energies together. When they create the ‘energy recipes’ that are conducive to healing, those energies are then channeled through the practitioner’s hands. The practitioner is used as a conduit to bring energies from the spiritual planes to the physical plane. The practitioner then directs this energy to the physical body. 

       Everyone’s energetic structure is unique. Energy healing practitioners have energy fields structured in such a way that the energies can flow easily and freely. Reiki attunements and other healing rituals and initiations allow subtle adjustments in the energetic structure to be made by those in the spiritual realm for the practitioners.
    Aiijii is the energy system that is used in the spiritual realm and is now allowing itself to be seen in the physical world.

       I believe that the reason for this is because we are now in the Aquarian age (Glover) and more people are recognizing and accepting that we can use subtle energies the way Heaven uses them. The Aiijii Healing method is not one that is taught but rather one that chooses its practitioners. Complete faith and trust ina higher power, in addition to having a particular energetic structure allows Healing Guides to blend their own energy bodies into the energy field of the practitioner. They are then able to use our bodies while we are in an altered state and physically move our hands and arms to demonstrate how the guides work with these subtle energies during a healing treatment. Although I am told by my guides that there are many others, I have personally only met a few healers who are physically used in this way by Spirit. Our stories are similar in that the Spirit entities aligned themselves with us quite suddenly. We also all have the ability to communicate directly with our guides. The Aiijii method of healing gives people a concrete way to have a spiritual understanding of healing.

       Others have noted from diverse perspectives that there may be more to spiritual healing than just an exchange of healing energies between a healer and a healee. Many clinical studies have proven that having faith in a higher power and belief in a healing system affects how we heal. In the article, “Allowing Spirituality into the Healing Process.” Stephen Kliewer, Dmin (2004)talks about “what outcomes research has shown about spirituality.” He writes, “Much of the focus in this area has been on what research can reveal regarding the impact of spirituality on health.” He goes on to say, “The late David Larson, MD, MSPH, of the International Canter for the Integration of Health and Spirituality (ICIHS) and his collaborators extensively reviewed journals and identified large numbers of studies that included spiritual indicators. They found a strong trend toward identifying spirituality as a positive factor for coping with illness, preventing illness, and aiding treatment.”

       In another paper, Wayne Jonas, MD and Cindy Crawford, BA (2004) state that “in religious and spiritual traditions from all cultures and times, a spiritual or loving presence is described as being a major contributor to healing.  In addition to that, it is common knowledge that some healing practitioners exude this ‘presence,’ which is capable of inducing experiences of recovery, wholeness, peace or a sense of well being in those who suffer.”  They wondered “if it would be possible to measure this ’presence’ in an objective and reliable way.”  In their paper, ’The Healing Presence: Can it be Reliably Measured?’ they discuss “…what healers from various traditions have felt are the primary components of a healing presence, summarizes various attempts to measure healing, and describes two recently published approaches that have potential to provide such an objective and real time indicator of a healing presence.” Aiijii suggests that the awareness of a special presence may be a manifestation of guides and Transcendent intervention in the healing process.

       In a randomized clinical trial, Raymond F. Palmer, and colleagues (2004) aimed to “investigate the relevance of interpersonal belief factors as modifiers of the effectiveness of intercessory prayer” on a variety of healthoutcomes.  The results of their study “underscore the role of interpersonal belief in prayer efficacy and are consistent with the literature showing the relevance of belief in health and well-being in general.”

       To support these findings, the Aiijii healing method emphasizes the expression ‘seeing is believing.’ As we watch the healing guides work, we are reminded of the miracles that can occur when there is complete faith and trust in God. We can actually witness how we, in the physical world, work with those in the spiritual realm to bring about energetic changes that create emotional changes that can then materialize into physical changes.

       All healing is a miracle – whether the healing is emotional, spiritual or physical. All healing is a miracle - whether doctors achieve it using conventional science or whether God accomplishes it using invisible Spiritual assistants. Aiijii shows how God does it. 

       I believe that as the mysteries of God and the universe become unlocked, we will be able to easily move to integrate what is in our brains with what is in our minds.

       In my private practice as a Spiritual Counselor and Aiijii healer clients come to me for many reasons besides physical healing. Some come to gain insight or clarity, some to receive guidance and direction and others to eliminate stress and negative energies that underlie and can lead to physical symptoms and illnesses (Myss and Shealy, 1988, 1993, p. 8). Each session begins with healing, in which the Guides examine, assess and align the client’s energy field to facilitate emotional and mental adjustment to allow the client to confront issues that may be causing energy blockages in the chakras. When the healing part of the session is complete, counseling is conducted by my Guides with the input of the client’s Guides through direct voice channel, while I remain in an altered state. Although I can hear what is being discussed, I am unable to interject. I often experience physical sensations of what might be occurring in the client’s bodyin this life or even perhaps in a previous lifetime where that symptom is directly related to the present. I may also receive emotional impressions of a situation occurring in the client’s life. Because specific emotional issues are associated with each chakra, (Myss, 1996, p. 96, 101 ) guides can easily determine the root cause of most of the difficulties in a person’s life. 
       As a hospice and nursing home volunteer, I also work with those who are physically ill. Pain, nausea, and fatigue are some of the physical symptoms that my team and I have successfully alleviated. 

    Examples from my healing experiences
    Let me share several reports from healees who have received Aiijii healing.

    ‘George,’ a man in his mid sixties, had been paralyzed in the lower extremities due to an accident. With conventional Western medical treatments and physical therapies, he was able to gain back his ability to walk but he suffered constant pain that was not fully relieved by prescribed medications. Because of the pain he was also unable to get a full night’s sleep. I began administering healing treatments twice a week. After his first session, George reported that his pain had diminished, allowing him to sleep soundly and to ambulate more easily during the day. He stated that every session brought more and more improvements to his condition.
    ‘ Marla,’ a very determined and persistent woman in her mid-sixties, had been battling breast cancer for 10 years. Chemotherapy had left her feeling extremely ill and fatigued. After two healing treatments, she informed me that her debilitating symptoms had diminished, enabling her to gain back the energy to continue her fight and to courageously deal with whatever lay ahead. Marla peacefully left this world nineteen months later.
    ‘Elizabeth,’ a truly amazing woman in her early fifties, had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Immediate surgery and chemotherapy were recommended by her doctor. She was told these would offer her a fifty percent chance of living for another two years. Elizabeth opted to forego all conventional Western medical treatments. Instead, she focused on changing her diet and began taking herbal supplements.  he also decided to receive energy healing and Spiritual counseling. 

       Elizabeth had a long list of unresolved emotional issues with regard to family and friends that she was ready and willing to confront and work to resolve. We immediately began weekly healing sessions that continued over the next eight weeks. The intention was to alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding, and diarrhea so that she would be able to focus on counseling in order to address her lifelong issues. Very soon her physical symptoms subsided to a manageable level and her willingness to work to release anger, old resentments and regrets and to adopt forgiveness into her life resulted in major improvements in all her personal relationships. As Elizabeth’s attitudes and emotional health improved, she became more accepting of others and at peace with herself. Two and a half years after the initial healing sessions, I was contacted again to administer healing to relieve physical pain. These were to be the last few weeks of Elizabeth’s life. Although the cancer remained with her, Elizabeth’s husband told me that she left this world with a smile on her face.
    A 42 year old man I shall call Kevin had AIDS and suffered from depression, anxiety, irritability and pain. He reported that the weekly healing treatments given to him by me and my Guides left him calm, relaxed, in higher spirits, with greater clarity of mind and in less pain. He looked forward to reuniting with and developing relationships with estranged family members.
    My daughter, Saida, then seventeen, had been taking a sulfa based antibiotic for eight days when she suffered an allergic reaction. Her entire body broke out in an oozing, blistering rash and she had a high fever that made her extremely weak. A visit to the doctor left her in a panic when she learned that she would be unable to attend school for the next few days. As the captain of her High School tennis team she had a very important match the next day. Because she had taken almost all of the ten-day dosage, it would be a while before the drug left her system. To appease her, the doctor told her he would see her again in the morning to determine if she was well enough to play tennis. He took me aside to explain that she would realize the next day she did not have the strength for the match and doubted that she would even have the strength to go to school. I took her home and gave her a healing treatment. The next day she woke up feeling totally energized, the fever was gone, the blisteringhad disappeared and only a slight hint of a rash remained. Needless to say, her doctor was astonished at the turn of events. She was able to participate in the tennis match and happily her team won!

    ‘Laura Rose’ writes:

    I have had the pleasure of receiving three Aiijii healings from Karin Nemri.I originally saw her after I lost a beloved pet and needed help with grief issues.  During the session, unresolved losses from the past came up which I was able to confront and deal with. I have found a significant difference after each session on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Even the chronic back pain that I suffered as a result of an automobile accident the previous year was lessened a great deal.  Today I experience only occasional minor discomfort.  I've found a renewed connection to Spirit and an elevation of mood as well.

       As a Reiki healing practitioner myself, it has been exciting to me to be able to see Karin's hand movements demonstrating the channeled energy during her sessions that remain invisible during my own Reiki sessions!

    Karen Gruters writes:

    I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1990. I had tried changing my diet and taking herbal supplements but I still needed to take several naps each day and was unable to hold down a job. After just a few healing sessions in June of 2003, with Karin and her guides, I found that my energy improved tremendously. After each of my healing sessions I was really energized to the point where I now worka  normal 8 to 9 hour day. I still have a ways to go but I have come so far and am very grateful.

    Jeri and Jon Reid write:

    November 27, 2005
    RE: Night Terrors 8 yr old Harris Reid
    It is our pleasure to speak about our successful experience with Aiijii Healing

       Our 8 year old son Harris started having occasional night terrors in February, 2005 that continued on until our session with Karin Nemri in April 2005. To recall or even describe these emotional states of inconsolable anguish is harrowing. 

       Harris is a very quiet, cautious and gentle child. We joke that he is our sensor to the world. He is energetically in tune, enjoying meditating, not in the sense an adult would seek it, but for him it would be laying on the beach away from everyone just focused on the warmth of the sun and the feel of the sand through his body or floating in a tub completely without sound or movement, or sitting by the fire just resonating with the intensity of the heat. Harris enjoys peaceful quiet massages. When he was 6 - 7 years old he navigated toward yoga and taught himself the poses; we would peek in his room to see him holding dog pose or a whatever. (No one else in the house ever did yoga.) He always navigates toward positive energy and truth. Harris is the kind of child that you listen to because he just has this second sense. Harris has two older brothers and a younger sister.

       We have a family bed, so when the night terrors began, we were alerted right away. They usually came about two to three hours after he fell asleep. Harris would have his black eyes opened wide that you could see right through, his actions of standing on the bed, shaking feverishly, shouting, “You don’t understand, I can not come out, mommy help me..” Then as they progressed he would run around the house, jumping on the bed in terror shouting, “You don’t understand, I am dying, I can’t stop it..” It seemed that the events were around death somehow. Later he had incidences where he was trapped on a train or sitting on a railroad track… couldn’t get away from something.

       During these night terror episodes, we would calmly have a conversation with him, letting him know that it was his mind controlling his thoughts, he would agree he knew that, but would go back to the altered state. We would try to have him change the story through his thinking and mind control. We would talk to him until he surrendered the situation and woke, but often was still shaking uncontrollably. 

       We thought that maybe the Game boy or video games or TV triggered these night terrors, we never restricted his use but also did not feel he was obsessive in any way or that it needed to be controlled. So we decided to take the video games out of his control and we focused more on his diet and lifestyle to see if that made a difference. This was not the case. The night terrors continually intensified. So we decided not to restrict the things he loves and gave freedom of use of electronics. 

       A period of maybe 4-5 days had passed and he did not have a problem, then one night we encouraged him to sleep in his room and he had the recurring night terror again. That is when I decided to make an appointment with Karin Nemri and ultimately he had had three nights in a row of night terrors prior to our appointment.

       The day we visited Karin, I explained to Harris & Casey (7 yr old sister) that Karin was an energy worker and healer. Of course, I have never witnessed or experienced this before either so my description was very vague. Karin and I only spoke briefly on the phone prior to setting up the appointment. I could tell clearly that she was confident her process would prove most effective. 

       When we arrived at her office, I sat on the settee and Harris sat next to me and instinctively positioned across my lap keeping his eyes open until she started her work, Casey sat to the right of us.  Karin introduced herself, explained that she would be moving her hands over him and a guide named “Echo” would be channeling information.

       Karin worked in this motion, blending energy with her hands over Harris in silence, and occasionally over Casey and me for about 45 minutes; Karin seemingly going into a deep altered state. Echo, Karin’s guide then started expressing verbally. 

       Echo articulated a whole story of a past that was present in thought today and expressed Harris had a guide by the name of Lila (Lie-la) that he can safely call on during fearful times. The verbal session went on for about 20 minutes or more. We were able to ask questions. 

       After the session Harris had with Karin, he had been ‘night terror’ free for over two and a half months. In July 2005, Harris had a diminutive uneventful nightmare that we were able to suggest to him to call on his guide, Lila.  The event was over in a moment or two and that was the last one.

       We are confident that Harris is in full control, knowing his whereabouts and being present at all time. My husband, Jon, and I believe that Karin Nemri’s artful healing and realignment of the energy fields had everything to do with Harris’s incredible recovery. 

       It works!  Thank you,
                                                                               Jeri & Jon Reid
    Glover, E. The Aquarian Age, http://elsaglover.netfirms.com/the_aquarian_age.htm#II
    Jonas, W. & Crawford, C. The Healing Presence: Can it be Reliably Measured?, The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine 2004, 10(5), 751-756)
    Kliewer, S. Allowing Spirituality into the Healing Process, The Journal of Family Practice, Aug 2004, 53(8), 617-618)
    Myss, C. Anatomy of the Spirit, New York: Three Rivers Press 1996.
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    Palmer, R., Katerndahl,D. & Morgan-Kidd, J. The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine 2004,V10(3), 438-448)
    Karin Nemri is a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Aiijii healer.  She received her Spiritual Counseling certification from Canyon College in Idaho.  She is a hospice volunteer with The Twilight Brigade-Compassion in Action (CIA) and is chairperson of the Connecticut Affiliate of that national organization. Karin is also a member of the Connecticut Holistic Health Association, the Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of -Life Care, on the Connecticut Emergency Crisis Team/Spiritual Division and on the Board of Directors of The Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc., (formerly The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research), www.lightlink.com/arpr.  She has a private practice in Bloomfield, CT.
    http://www.soulutionsoflight.com/ karin@SoulutionsofLight.com

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