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    Listening to Soul Pain [DVD]

    by Jane Simington
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    Jane Simington.  Listening to Soul Pain [DVD] (2004) Edmonton, Alberta: Taking Flight
    International Corporation.
    Healing Soul Pain [DVD] (2006) Edmonton, Alberta: Taking Flight International Corporation.
    Retrieving Lost Soul Parts [CD] (2008) Edmonton, Alberta: Taking Flight International Corporation. 

    These two DVD’s and the CD are all about working with the soul. Listening to Soul Pain (2004) is about the journey of the author who had a broken or wounded soul following the death of her thirteen year-old son. It is about the need of today’s health care professionals to be able to go with a client to the place of the client’s wounded soul. 

    The DVD discusses how in our health care system today, health care professionals will not go to the place of the wounding of the soul with a client. Health care professionals today do not recognize, nor can they listen to the extent of the soul wounding. They do not discuss soul wounding with the client. They are uncomfortable with a discussion of the soul wounding and subsequently they refer the client on to someone else. Soul wounding occurs when we suffer through a difficult or traumatic life experience. The experience changes us. A piece of our soul is lost through the experience. We begin to display the characteristics of someone who has a wounded soul. We may be depressed. We may feel separate, alone, disconnected, not even ourselves. Our world as we know it is gone. We suffer soul pain.

    In order to protect ourselves from this wounding we create a hard shell out of fear. A shell to protect us from the world and what is going on around us. We lose the ability to trust and our ability to be creative. In order to break through the shell and come out the other side we must suffer through the soul pain. Simington uses the metaphor of the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly for the journey that we go through in order to make ourselves whole once again. Simington discusses the use of stories, songs, and art to reconnect us to the soul within and to help the creative energies to flow again. Symbols and sacred rituals are the language of the soul. Simington discusses the need to forgive ourselves, to find purpose and meaning in the need for the soul journey, to see the spark of the divine in everything around us, to connect with the earth and those around us, and to live a life of gratitude in order to move our soul healing forward. This DVD is twenty-five minutes in length.

    The DVD Healing Soul Pain (2006) is just about that: healing soul pain. Simington discusses the many ways to access the soul through the right brain using symbols and rituals in order to promote healing of the soul. Symington also discusses that when we loose a part of our soul due to trauma, or difficult life circumstances, we also lose the characteristics of ourselves that were present at the time of the loss. For instance if a trauma occurred in my life at the age of five I would loose the characteristics of what it means to be five (the joyfulness of a five year old child at play, the inquisitiveness of a five year old discovering the world of school, etc.). 

    The healing of soul pain is a journey. Simington takes you on a journey of healing the soul in this DVD through the stories of people who needed to cut cords from abusive relationships, who needed to use imagery, and who needed to use art forms and creativity in order to heal their souls. Simington discusses the four steps of her healing work: there needs to be information that addresses the needs of the left brain; there needs to be movement into experiencing that helps with the body’s and right brain’s knowing (the role of creativity); there needs to be reflection and journaling on the experience in order for insights to occur (look at how far I have come); and there needs to be processing and telling about what we learned from our experiencing. Simington also discusses the use of the directions and the elements along with the fire ceremony to help release and set free what needs to be set free in order to heal. A key question that I will take away from this DVD to use in my healing work is: “Do you ever feel there is a pain so deep within you or your soul or your heart that you feel wounded?” Helping someone to heal soul pain is helping someone back to wholeness is a key concept in this DVD. This DVD is twenty-nine minutes in length.

    The CD Retrieving Lost Soul Parts (2008) is also about twenty-five minutes in length. Simington;s voice helps to walk us through two separate healings. Both healings use different ways of accessing the soul and retrieving lost soul parts. The healings on this CD can be used by us independently or with a therapist guiding us through a healing. It would be my recommendation that someone who has never done soul work, or self healing, before needs to work with these healings with a trusted therapist.

    The two DVD’s and the CD work together in concert. The DVD’s are beautiful, and compelling, to say the least. The concepts that are addressed in the DVD’s and CD are: self-healing; the needs of the right brain and left brain; wholeness; contrasts that define; experiential learning; soul; soul pain; trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder); creativity; symbols; rituals; transformation.

    DVDs review by Linda Byrnes, RN, BScN, MA, CIEHP
    Student, Wholistic Transformational Therapy course
    Integrative Energy Healing program
    Langara College, Vancouver, BC

    These DVD are available from http://takingflightinternational.com/online-store/on-line-store-2/ 


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